About Me


Small Steps and Even Smaller Beginnings. I picked up my first camera over 10 years ago and instantly found my creative calling. The journey? I started with “borrowing” my parents tiny little point-and-shoot camera, to capturing stories through videos on my now professional dream camera set up!

I was fortunate enough to have already been doing videography for several years prior to filming weddings. I started out with lifestyle and travel filming; I even shot product videos for a 9 Billion dollar company!!!

Three years ago, my oldest childhood friend (we’re talking about 15+ years) got engaged and convinced me into filming his wedding. I Absolutely Fell in Love with it; I wouldn’t trade that stepping stone moment for anything else. To shorten my endless journey, I’ve now been filming weddings since 2017!!

~ West Co.

Our Style

Stories as Seen through our Lens. The day goes by so quick and in the blink of an eye, you’ll have gone from morning to night, from engaged to happily ever after. We love getting the goosebumps and knots in our throat from capturing all the in-between, the candid, the laughs, the tears, the highlights, the memories, the endless stories.. You and Your story as seen through our Lens.

We don’t like to name it just a video. We call them Stories. That’s exactly what we’re trying to capture. A story of You and Him. You and Her. Portraying these moments in a candid, life-esque, dreamy, and in-the-moment creative style.

Our Rates

Are we the right fit for you? Our Stories start at $1,200.

Fill out the Contact Us Form and tell us about your wedding day, share your story with us, and what kind of Story Film you’d love to have!